10 Things to Know about San Diego Arrest Warrants

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1. Arrest warrants do not disappear or become lost.

Computers ensure that the courts do not lose track of San Diego warrants. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department has a team of deputies tasked specifically to execute San Diego arrest warrants and hunt for fugitives. San Diego warrants are not the only warrants actively pursued by the police. California has a number of fugitive task forces that deal with warrant requests from other jurisdictions.

2. The Statute of Limitations is tolled when the warrant is issued.

The case may still proceed long after the limitations period has passed in cases where the warrant was issued before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Due process, however, may defeat the prosecution especially in those cases where a defendant was unaware of the warrant or where the government has done little to act on the warrant.

3. You are subject to arrest for felony warrants throughout the United States.

You may be extradited from another state to face charges here in California. The extradition proceedings can take many months, and there is no right to bail in those cases where the defendant admits he or she is the person wanted in the other state. In other words, you may end up sitting in jail awaiting extradition on a warrant that could have been cleared up with no jail time.

4. You may be detained and arrested at any port of entry.

People often risk entry into the United States without understanding that the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement can and will detain person subject to felony a warrant. The local law enforcement agency then will arrest the defendant and arrange extradition to the county where the warrant issued.

5. Your driver’s privilege will be suspended for traffic-related outstanding arrest warrants even if you live outside California.

Most states will yank the driving privilege of their residents when a California warrant or driver suspension is in effect.

6. Most misdemeanor warrants can be cleared the same day.

We regularly clear misdemeanor San Diego arrest warrants in the same day.

7. You do not have to appear in court to clear most types of misdemeanor warrants.

8. Most judges follow the rule that if you walk into court you will walk out.

The converse is also true: most defendants who are arrested on an outstanding warrant remain in jail or are forced to post bail, if possible, to obtain release.

9. Employers can find out about your warrant.

A simple background check will reveal outstanding arrest warrants.

10. You can get free advice on how to avoid looking over your shoulder and getting your San Diego warrants cleared.

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